Happy New Release day to M B Feeney!


Celebrate Valentine's Day a bit early with Gavel to Girlfriend.

A charity auction. An unenthusiastic bachelor. A last-minute agreement.

Austin Thomas has been roped into helping out with a charity event. The only problem is he’s being auctioned off like a slab of meat. The charity side he has no issues with, being someone’s prize…he’s not a fan.

Worried about being stuck with a cougar, he has the bright idea of asking his friend and neighbour, Riley West, to bid on him. Using his own money. Then they can chill as friends.

But they’re just friends, aren’t they?

A fake dating, friends-to-lovers romance novella.
vailable in both ebook and paperback, only on Amazon. (Free to read for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription)

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