My Christmas gift to you all - young-adult fantasy short-story, SOLSTICE SPELL, is out now!

Clara Birch has always loved Christmas, and the story of The Nutcracker Prince is her favorite festive fairy tale. That’s why she’s determined to attend town's annual masquerade ball themed around the classic story.

Once at the ball, Clara is rescued by a handsome stranger, who offers to buy her a drink. After just one sip, she passes out. When she awakens, Clara discovers she’s been spirited away to the Land of the Dolls; a kingdom ruled by the Nutcracker Prince she so loves.

But all is not as it seems in the Land of the Dolls. After happening on a secret passageway, Clara discovers the Nutcracker Prince is hiding a terrible secret. The magical Land of the Dolls is nothing more than an illusion.

Now Clara must escape this once enchanting fairy tale realm, before it costs her her soul.


And, if you want to know what I've been up to recently, and what my goals for 2020 are, please head over to my website blog, where I just posted an update.

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