NaNoWriMo 2019 | Only It's September

I recently got inspired to write a new contemporary romance, and I was planning on starting Sept. 2 as the kids are back in school/ college.

When I realised September has 30 days, like November, I started thinking about doing my own version of NaNoWriMo, and it works out quite nicely as I currently don't have any ghost-writing projects, but I hopefully will have by September.

In the name of staying sane, I'm only writing for 20 day, which will be Monday - Friday from September 2 - 27, with a word-count goal of 35,000. That's 1750 words per day, which is a little over the usual NaNo target, but it's what I've planned out for chapter length of my new WIP. If I complete Sept. NaNo, I should be halfway through my WIP by the end of the month. Then I can look at my workflow and decide when it's best to complete the story. 

As mentioned above, I will be working on a new contemporary romance (if you're curious about my full reasoning and status of my other projects, head over to my website), and at the same time posting updates for #WIPJoy on my social medias.

Here's the blurb for the new project *subject to change as the story develops.*

When Jessica Logan returns to her hometown after being exiled ten-years previously, her hopes are to reconcile with her estranged parents, introduce them to her daughter, Lily, and build a better life for herself and her little girl.

What she doesn’t count on is reuniting with high school best friend Erik Jansen.

Erik is also returning home, hoping to heal from discovering his long-term girlfriend has been married for the duration of their relationship. 

The two friends soon pick up where they left off when teens, but when Erik unexpectedly kisses Jessica, it throws her life into confusion. She didn’t come home to find love, and certainly not with her best friend. How can she give herself to someone when ninety percent of her life is such a mess? 

Matters are made worse when Jessica’s baby daddy, who was previously uninterested in having a relationship with his daughter, arrives on the scene and starts throwing his weight around. 

All Jessica wants is a quite life, but when Erik’s ex also arrives in town, claiming she’s divorcing her husband and wants to make a go of things with Erik, Jessica has to act, or risk losing the man she’s started to fall for. 


  1. Smart idea. Any month can be tailored to be a NaNo month.

  2. 1750 words a day is very doable. good luck :)


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