NaNoWriMo 2018 and Writing Update

Due to various reasons, I haven't done much in the way of writing the last few months. 

I did add a bit more to Choosing Sides, and I now have about 12, 000 words/ eight chapters left until completion.

Additionally, I decided to serialize it on Wattpad. You can check it out here: ​

Kyra and I resumed work on our co-novel, and decided to make some changes. 

The story we wrote in part last year, is now going to be book two in a series focused on a UK wrestling company. Book one will introduce the male lead for book two, but also follow two best friends, who're debuting in the company. 

It's a story Kyra and I have drafted a couple of times over the years, and we now feel it's the right time to really work on it and get it out there. 

It was going well, but we've had to put it on hiatus for a few weeks, so Kyra can work on her solo novel, Say What You Feel (Chaos and Consent #2), as she's on a tight deadline for it, because of it being due for release on November 6. 

Once her book is out, and she's had a break, we'll get back to it.

I spoke about re-writing my 2012 novel, Cupid, and I did start work on that, getting about 5k down, before illness hit. Then I lost my motivation to write ... until NaNoWriMo was approaching.

I've been conflicted on what to write in November, as I recently had an excellent idea for a young-adult, high fantasy book/ possible series. 

But, after much deliberation, I feel Cupid is the best choice to go with. It's more developed that the high fantasy, which I'm still working out the details of, and with less fantasy world-building needed. 

I think both could be excellent stories, but the high-fantasy probably isn't the right thing to write during NaNoWriMo, and I need to give myself more time to iron out the plot, and nail down all the world building aspects.

So I will be sticking with Cupid, and after re-reading the 5000 words I wrote in September, I'm certain it's the right choice. Damn it, I love that story, even if I do say so myself and what I've written so far is excellent. I'm so excited to work on it again once NaNoWriMo starts. 

If you're interested in following my NaNWriMo progress, or learning more about Cupid, please check out my profile here.

That's it in the way of writing updates, but if you want a more personal update, please check out my recent blog post over on my website.

Until next time. T.T.F.N ...

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