Magic at Midnight ARC Sign Up and Writing Update

Happy weekend, everyone!

Spring/ summer looks like it's finally here, as the weather in the UK is warming up. We have plans to go to the park a little later, but first I wanted to write a quick update.

I know I have a blog over on my website, but I think I might use this blog to update about my writing only, and then the one on my site to update about my writing AND personal life.

We'll see how it works out...

The rest of this entry is under a read more cut, so please click on the link to find out more about the Snowy Wings Publishing Magic at Midnight: YA Fairytale Anthology, and how I got on doing CampNaNoWriMo in April.

Magic at Midnight: A YA Fairy Tale Anthology
I recently completed the revisions for "Solstice Spell," my Nutcracker Prince re-telling short story, and it's been added to the Magic at Midnight: A YA Fairy Tale Anthology, which is out on May 29, via Snowy Wings Publishing. You can pre-order it here:

Once upon a time is eternal…

Turn the pages and fall into the enchanting worlds of beloved, age-old fairy tales made new again in this fifteen-story collection from Snowy Wings Publishing.

A girl with long, long hair is trapped in an attic, ensnared by promises of immortality, the radio her only companion. An android wants to believe in her life, that the feelings she has are real—and that she might be just as beautiful as her famous stepsister. A gamer must save her true love from the mysterious, dark entity that has ensnared him in their MMORPG. A modern teen is lured to the fantastical Land of the Dolls, and only her own cunning can help her escape. These are just a few of the bewitching tales found within Magic at Midnight.

From sci-fi to fantasy, contemporary to historical, paranormal and more, there’s a fairy tale retelling in this collection for every reader. Featuring stories from bestselling and award-winning YA authors as well as emerging voices, this anthology will take you to distant worlds and back again—all just familiar enough to make you feel at home.

Featuring stories from: Lyssa Chiavari, T. Damon, Dorothy Dreyer, Clare Dugmore, 
Mary Fan, Leigh Hellman, Clara Kensie, Mark C. King, Karissa Laurel, Melanie McFarlane, Amy McNulty, Selenia Paz, Madeehah Reza, K.M. Robinson, Jane Watson

If you're a book blogger/ reviewer you can sign up for a review copy here:

Triquetra: Choosing Sides

For those who don't know, since January I've been working on a re-write of my my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel Sibylline Nights (which you can find more information about by looking through the 'witches' tag), which I've since renamed Triquetra: Choosing Sides.

While many aspects of the story have changed, the core remains the same in that it focuses on three young women caught up in the war between witches and non-witches, where they learn about their magic, their pasts and have to choose which side they stand on.

For most of April I took part in CampNaNoWriMo, and have gotten my word count up to almost 52k. My aim for the story is 90k total, so I'm over halfway there. I'm using a loose version of the snowflake method to plot the story, in that I'm writing in a three act structure. I'm coming up to the end of act two, and will then begin building to the climax. 

As it was CampNaNoWriMo and the WIPJoy meme in April, I shared a lot of information about the new version on social media, so if you visit my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you'll find excerpts and information there.

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