Curiosity Quills Press 99 Cents Sitewide Sale

Christmas has come early to Curiosity Quills Press, and you’re all invited! Between December 12 and 24, almost all* our titles will be on 99 cents coutndown sale. To make things easier, we’ve broken the sale period down into seven different genre-based categories, with each genre’s books on sale for a two day period.

Click through the following genre-based categories for each of the seven sale periods:

Horror: December 11 - 12 | Contemporary: December 13 - 14

Science-Fiction: December 15 - 16 | Fantasy: December 17 - 18

Historical: December 19 - 20 | Mystery/Thriller: December 21 - 22

Romance: December 23 - 24

* Please note, some titles are ineligible for sale, as they’ve recently been on sale or a separate sale for them is scheduled for some point in December.

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