BOOK RELEASE: Femme Fatale Finale, by Kirsty-Anne Still

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Book FOUR in The Pericolo Series. 
This is the FINAL book in the series. 

Once Amelia Abbiati, always Amelia Abbiati. 

It's what makes this situation ironic. 

They've taken me from my idyllic life, threatened it, and think I'll just roll over and die. 
They don't know me. 

I'll make it hard for them. I won't go down without a fight. I won't lose who I am at their will. 

I'll smile until the end because I'll only die on my say so and not theirs. 


They've touched what's mine. 

And think they'll get away with it. 

I'm a dangerous man now they've touched the most precious things in my life. 

They think they've dealt with Abbiaiti Anarchy, but they don't know what's coming for them. 

This is war. 

**This is the darkest of the Femme Fatale books. Please note it has themes of torture and violence throughout. Meant for mature readers!

ALL of the Femme Fatale books (Books 1 through to 4) are 99p/99c!

★✩★FEMME FATALE – Pericolo #1★✩★

I am still as fiercely in love with Zane Maverick as I was the very first day we collided. I don’t see death changing that - Amelia Abbiati

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This is a mafia romance series, so please be aware of intense scenes of violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature.

★✩★MAVERICK – Pericolo #1.5★✩★

Loving Amelia was a blood sport; I’ve always known that - Zane Maverick

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★✩★FEMME FATALE RELOADED – Pericolo #2★✩★

“I will love you forever, but I can’t do that without you.” - Zane Maverick

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**Warning: 18+, due to scenes of graphic murder, sex and a high use of swearing

★✩★FEMME FATALE LOVED – Pericolo #3★✩★

I am the Amelia Abbiati you love because you loved me.

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This is the calmest of all books. A kind of breather in the series!

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