All It Takes: Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen
FUCK. Ow. 
Why does my body feel like it’s been hit by a freight train? 
Where am I? 
My senses slowly returned as I regained consciousness.
The air smelled weird; clean and chemical, and through my eyelids I could sense harsh, artificial light above. My mouth felt like it’d been stuffed with cotton wool, and my throat was dry and scratchy. I heard the mechanical hum of machinery, and a steady beep … beep … beep. 
Then someone speaking in a soft voice. “All you see is the Kian you show to the media, the one you think always fucks up. But I see through that. I see the Kian who loves his family, and is going to be an excellent father to our little one. I see the Kian who is smart, ambitious and fights for what he wants. I see the Kian I think I’m falling for.” 
Megan … 
I closed my fingers around hers, and forced my eyes open.

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  1. Relationships can be so hard, but we as human can be so much harder on ourselves. Great chapter! Looking forward to seeing these two work it out!

    1. Relationships sure are hard, and add in extra complications like self-doubt, pregnancy etc. and they become even tougher!

      Thanks for the compliments; glad you enjoyed the chapter! :D


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