J is for Josh Browne

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Today, for letter J, I have a character profile for Kian's other closest friend, and fellow MMA fighter, Josh Browne. 
Enjoy ... 

Josh Brown is a Lightweight fighter (weight class below Kian's) at the same gym Kian trains at, and is one of Kian's closest friends.

The two train together, and go out socially. Although Kian doesn't confide in Josh the way he does with Davi, Josh is still an important part of Kian's life, and the story. Josh represents the young, free and 'single' side of life Kian is stepping away from when he finds out he's going to be a father.

Josh is also the unknowing catalyst for All It Takes, as it's because of Megan's best friend Stacey's crush on Josh that Megan ends up in the night club (O Neil's) on the same night as Kian and the two go home together. 

Tall, blonde and good-looking, Josh is a favourite with male and female fans alike, and as All It Takes progresses, he enters into a relationship with Megan's best friend Stacey.

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