B is for Bill Bagley

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited by A is for All It Takes: Chapter Six post yesterday! Glad you liked the quote, and find out a little about my novel.

Today, for letter B, I have an excerpt from chapter two, where main character, MMA fighter Kian Murphy meets a new fighter, Bill Bagley.

**WARNING: This post contains NSFW language.**

Enjoy ....

The new guy was Bill Bagley, former Middleweight Champion of a promotion up in Manchester who’d moved to the Midlands, because we were the best and he knew it. His first fight was in a month, and Silva wanted to whip him into shape for the main event. I hated the prick. 
“Yeah, Bagley needs to work on his ground game.” 
I gave Silva a look, but he was having none of it, and I knew I had to suck it up. Well, I wasn’t gonna make it easy on the guy. Baptism by fire was more my style. 
Stepping into the ring, I slipped in my mouth guard and focused. 
For a bigger guy Bagley was surprisingly quick on his feet. I was quicker, mind. Within a few minutes, I’d taken him down. With my legs wrapped around his to limit his movability, I synched in a loose kimura. 
“Bagley, if this was a real fight, Murphy would have you tapping by now. You’ve got to work out his weakness, and exploit it.” 
Hearing the challenge in Silva’s words, I tightened my grip. This guy was going to learn the hard way. 
Bagley struggled beneath me, but instead of focusing on the hold, the earlier conversation with Megan replayed in my mind. 
All I could think about were those life-changing words, and my grip slackened. Bagley rolled over me, causing the hold to lose its pressure, clambered to his feet, and then came at me with a volley of ferocious punches. 
“Submissions specialist my arse, ya pussy.” 
Without thinking, I sprang to my feet, and lunged at him blindly. 
“The fuck did you say?” I said, pinning him against the turnbuckle with my arm to his throat. 
Bagley batted my arm away and pushed me back. “You heard me, pussy.” 
Before I knew what was happening, my fist went flying into his nose, spraying his face with blood. He fell to the ground, letting out an anger-fuelled roar. 
With one hand on his nose, and the other on the ground steadying himself, I slid under him and wrapped my legs around his mid-section again. I grabbed his arm and synched in another kimura, this time not releasing it until I heard the bone snap. 
 “Who’s the pussy now, eh bitch?” 
A pair of arms grabbed me from behind, and dragged me from Bagley as the first-aiders rushed over. In a haze, I was pulled away and shoved into a room.

For those interested, the full chapter can be found here. Please check back tomorrow for C is for Change, and don't forget Curiosity Quills Press is doing the A-Z Challenge too over on their blog!

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  1. Clare, I absolutely loved this!! And yes, there is the language, but it is appropriate here between these two characters to be believable. I doubt they would be speaking politely to one another. I am a huge MMA fan and could really get lost in this story. Can't wait to read more- bring on letter C!!

    1. Thanks Jen!

      lol Yeah, Kian has quite a potty mouth, but it's very fitting for him.

      Thanks for the compliments, glad you're enjoying the snippets of the story! :D

  2. Replies
    1. lol Not quite, but it was pretty brutal!

  3. Totally intense! More, more, more!

    1. LOL I'm glad you like the intensity of that scene as much as I do! :D


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