All It Takes: Chapter Two

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I'm so excited to share chapter two of All It Takes with you, but first I wanted to say thank you.

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So, without further ado, here's chapter two ...

The bitch had to be lying. There ain't no fucking way she was telling the truth.

"Bullshit," I muttered, sliding my phone back into my gym bag. I sat hunched over on the locker-room bench, my head in my hands. "It's gotta be bullshit."

"Oi. Murphy. You alright, mate? You look like a ghost," Browne said.

"Yeah, it's all good, mate. Think I winded myself is all." Josh was good guy but he wouldn't have a fucking clue about this. "Just gimme a minute and I'll be sound."

A minute. An hour. Whatever. It didn't matter. This wasn't real. The phone call wasn't real. I sure as hell knew the news wasn't real.

Things like that didn't happen to me. Love 'em. Leave 'em. Maybe if she was good in the sack she'd get a phone call. Anything more just wasn't my style.

I hadn't given Megan a second thought, apart from to notice how well she'd taken the brush off. I was glad I didn't have to give her the usual spiel about how training left no time for relationships. The drawback to being me was afterward girls became obsessive, telling me they were willing to make it work and if only I'd agree, they knew we'd make a great couple.

Megan weren't like that. Or so I'd thought, until she'd called me. I figured she'd been thinking of me non-stop since the night we'd shagged.

Chapter Two - First published February 4, 2015: 

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All It Takes, by Clare Dugmore is a dual-POV new-adult, contemporary-romance serialized novel, about responsibility, love and discovering who you are in life. Chapter one coming 01.21.15. Visit for details!

All It Takes, a dual-POV new-adult, contemporary-romance serialized novel, by Clare Dugmore. Visit for details!

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  1. Woo-hoo! The next chapter is up! I'm off to read it. :)

    1. Thank you, and thanks for your comment on the chapter! <3

  2. So many decisions and changes to come!
    Good luck to both your characters, and you!

  3. Sounds deep. This guy is complex.

    1. He is, but it's a complex situation. :)


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