All It Takes: Chapter Three

Happy Wednesday, Folks!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Things here are good, if not a little cold (our heating is broke!). Enjoying the boys being on school holidays, and hoping to take them out on Friday.

It's Wednesday, and that mean I have a new chapter of All It Takes for you ...

I threw the shirt on my bed and sighed. It was the third outfit I’d tried on, and nothing I’d pulled out of my wardrobe was right. I looked fat, and ugly, and stupid. The tears prickling behind my eyes only made it worse.

Damn pregnancy hormones

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Writing is still coming along nicely, and I fell like I've fallen into a comfortable rhythm of  writing chapters, editing chapters and promotion. Hopefully this will continue as the story goes on.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting on the story, and those who are just read or sharing teasers. All the support is greatly appreciated.

Until next time. Have a great week!

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