Working Wednesday: Curiosity Quills Primetime and After Dark Anthologies

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Thanks for the comments and replies on this week's Memorable Monday post, as well as your support for Helen Ginger, Cherie Reich and Alex J Cavanaugh.

I'm back today for another Working Wednesday update, that includes a very special request. 

Not much going on on the writing/ editing front, as I'm very busy with my work for Curiosity Quills, though hopefully I'll get a chance to do some writing later in the week.

Which brings me to ... The Curiosity Quills Primetime and After Dark Anthologies. 

At the beginning of October, CQP is launching their first annual anthologies. Primetime will be a collection of spooky, unusual, thrilling and unique short stories by some of Curiosity Quills' best authors. It's companion anthology, After Dark, will be a collection of steamier stories.

I'm hoping some of you will help spread the word about this double anthology in trade paperback and digital, especially as 10 % of profits will be going to no-kill animal shelters (with a bigger split going the animals' way from our hard-cover edition we will be putting on Indie Go-Go a little over a month from now).

The anthology will feature authors such as JR Rain, AW Exley, Tony Healey, and Jose Prendes (the screenwriter for the sequel to the viral hit Sharknado).

If you're interested in hosting the cover reveals, a release day blitz or reviewing either anthology, please sign up via the link form below, using the response box to tell me which option you're interested in. 

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This list will close in 23 days, 9 hrs, 56 min (10/11/2013 11:59 PM Europe - Greenwich Mean Time)

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you! 


  1. Oops I forgot to put in my response that I pick Primetime. Sorry.

  2. Oh, just in time for Halloween? Awesome! TBR list...

  3. I can do a cover reveal! :) Have a wonderful week.

  4. Very exciting, Clare! Love to help on launch day.

  5. I can give the anthologies a shoutout on Oct. 4 or 11.

  6. I signed up to do the cover reveal.



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