Memorable Mondays: Writers for Writers, Cover Reveal & WiP Madness

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your new week gets off to a fantastic start! 

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I'm continuing the blogging schedule this week, and it's back to Memorable Mondays; for book releases, cover reveals, blog tours & blog hops etc. from around the Blogosphere. My way of highlighting what my fellow writers are doing.

First of all we have Writers for Writers - Hosted by M Pax, Stephen Tremp, Christine Rains, C M Brown - Writers helping other writers to succeed. Twitter hashtag: #W4WS Find W4Ws on Facebook.

Today, Writers for Writers are hosting Canadian author Marta Szemik, writer of a witchy paranormal romance novella Marked, which she is currently offering for free. 

Shapeshifter Xander will remain stuck in oblivion between good and evil until he is marked—either with the sphere that will identify him as a servant of the underworld or with the water mark, working for the keepers of humans, vampires, and warlocks.

One decision will mark him and his twin sister Mira equally. She is in love with a man bearing the water mark and wants Xander to follow the path of the good. But Xander loves a black witch, a minion of the underworld. All he has to do to join her forever is kill.

After all, there's something good about being bad.

Warning: Adult Content includes sensual non-graphic sex.

Find Marked at the following places: Amazon KindleKobo (epub)SmashwordsBarnes & NobleiTunes | Diesel

Help Marta spread the word about Marked on social media with these handy pre-written shout-outs.


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“There’s something good about being bad” Marked Novella is #Free on #kindle #Paranormal #W4Ws

Marked Novella is #Free on #kindle “Want me to match that scar on the other side of your face?”  #paranormal #W4Ws

Like #Paranormal Romance? Try Marked:A Two Halves Novella for Free, a prequel to Two Halves Series #amraeading #W4Ws


How do you make a choice when anything you decide dooms your fate? Marked: A Two Halves Novella is a paranormal romance prequel to the Two Halves Series, and it's Free.

When your fate is already decided, there's nothing you can do, can you? Read Marked: A Two Halves Novella, prequel to the Two Halves Series for free

I know this news is a week old now, but I wanted to share Cassie Mae's cover for How to Date a Nerd, because the cover is awesome and after reading Reasons I Fell For the Funny Fat Friend, I'm sure How to Date a Nerd will be a huge success. Congrats, Cassie Mae! 

Zoe has a great pair of legs, perky boobs, and wears exactly what she needs to show it all off. She works hard for the easy sleazy ‘you only wish you were me’ reputation, burying who she really is—an all-out nerd.

The only time Zoe gets to be herself is when she hides under her comforter to read X-Men comics, sending jealousy stabs at everyone who attends Comic-Con. Keeping up her popular rep is too important, and she’s so damn insecure to care about the consequences. But when Zoe’s sister takes her car for a ‘crash and burn into a tree’ joyride, her parents get her a replacement. A manual. Something she doesn’t know how to operate, but her next door neighbor Zak sure as heck does.

Zak’s a geek to the core, shunned by everyone in school for playing Dungeons and Dragons at lunch and wearing “Use the Force” t-shirts. And Zoe’s got it bad for the boy. Only Zak doesn’t want Popular Zoe. He wants Geek Zoe.

She has to shove her insecurities and the fear of dropping a few rungs on the social ladder aside to prove to Zak who she really is and who she wants to be… if she can figure it out herself. 

Today is also Work in Progress Madness, this month hosted by Kim Baccellia. If you're working on something and need extra motivation, and want to help motivate your fellow author, why don't you hop on along to Kim Baccellia's blog, you can also find a list of participants on Twitter, as well as follow the #wipmadness hashtag. Go show your fellow writers some love and support!

Thanks for dropping by, and I'll catch you back here on Wednesday, for Working Wednesday where I'll be updating about how my work in progress is going, as well as how I'm getting on with my Curiosity Quills internship. 


  1. Ooh, Marked sounds super cool!

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  4. WIP madness is a great idea. Thanks for the W4Ws mention. I hope it gives Marta a huge bump.

  5. Thanks for the great updates on these books.

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