Memorable Mondays: New Writer, Free Story, Author Relief Fund and New Soul Album

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your new week gets off to a fantastic start! 

Thanks to everyone who dropped by my (belated) Favourites Friday post over at The Life and Loves of Clare Dugmore

Today I'm back with Memorable Mondays; for book releases, cover reveals, blog tours & blog hops etc. from around the Blogosphere. My way of highlighting what my fellow writers are doing.

First off, I want to give a shout-out to a friend of mine, Jesse Nash. I've known Jesse since we were eighteen, and she's always been a fun, supportive friend; both in real life and with writing. Jesse has been writing novels for a number of years, and has finally decided to share them with the world. I know how tough it can be making that jump to be public with your writing. It's one thing having it hidden away on your computer, but quite another to let others read it. 

So please drop by Jesse's blog and check out what she's all about. If you like her, perhaps you'll "like" her on Facebook and follow her on Tumblr

For those of you who missed it on Friday, Mary Pax released part three of her paranormal story, Under the Moon.  

"Outside the orphanage heat blasted like a furnace, robbing Dennis Merrill of a decent breath. He huffed, clutching his chest. Traffic blared by in an abrasive roar. The city bleated and scurried and soured his nose. He headed to Central Park to claim a bush to camp under, but the broken-down men beaten by the hardness of life chased him off. Dennis tried Penn Station then Grand Central and could find no peace. Dizzy and queasy and aching all over, he leaned against a tiled wall. Near the ticket booths  he slumped, shivering with clammy cold."

For those interested,  it can be found here, along with links to parts one and two. 

Jessa Russo - author of Ever - is currently hosting a fundraiser for her friend and critique partner, Tamara Mataya (aka FeakySnucker) was forced to evacuate her home last week as floods engulfed her town of High River, Alberta Canada.

Jessa is asking for monetary donations, as well as books and physical items, so if you can help out, hop on over to Jessa's blog or visit the GoFundMe site. Every little counts when someone's lost their home. 

I know this is a writing blog, but sometimes I like to help out not just fellow writers, but other creative peeps too. Because really, whatever medium we take, I'm sure we all understand the struggle to get our face out there and spread the word.

This bring me to Sam Dickinson, and amazing soul singer from UK, who's d├ębut album The Stories That Occurred is available for pre-order on iTunes now

You can also follow Sam's Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news, videos and inspirational music quotes. 

Thanks for dropping by, please come back for next week's Memorable Monday, and if you've got something you'd like featured on my blog, please emailed me at

Check back on Working Wednesday for an excerpt from my paranormal romance, and some big news about my internship. 


  1. It's great how you're both highlighting fellow writers and letting us know who needs our financial support. Enjoy your day Clare.

    1. Thanks Sheena-kay, glad you're enjoying Memorable Mondays! Have a fab day too! :D

  2. Hi Clare, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! I'll be sure to check out the other people you mentioned too. x

    1. My pleasure, Jesse! Good luck with everything, and I hope you enjoy the others I linked to. :)

  3. Big day! Thanks for introducing me to these authors. I love how generous our writing community is. :)

    1. Yeah, the writing community always awes me with it's generosity. :)


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