Happy Birthday, Kyra Lennon!


Even though I'm on holiday right now, I couldn't let today pass without wishing Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends, Kyra Lennon!

Kyra is a huge inspiration to me, and always offers support, encouragement and amazing critiques.

I've known Kyra for six years, and in that time I've seen her overcome personal hardships, and grow into a confident, amazing woman, with a real talent. In the past year alone she's written two novels, and one novella, as well as countless articles for sites like Yahoo!Voices! And through it all she remains a friendly, encouraging member of the blogging community.

Kyra, I'm so proud of you, and honoured to call you a friend. You've given me so much through our friendship, and I feel privileged to know you.

I hope you have an excellent birthday, and a fantastic year ahead.

I love you. <3

Everyone should stop by Kyra's blog and wish her a happy birthday, she deserves it!


  1. *hugs* Aww, thank you so much! <3

    Six years is just ... wow. It's been a crazy few years, but those things I overcame, and all that work I did - wouldn't have been nearly as simple without you! Love you, chick! XXXX

    1. You're welcome, honey. I wish I could have been here to wish you happy birthday 'in person'.

      I've loved watching you grow, and I'm so proud of you, so I'm glad to know our friendship helped with that. XXXXX

  2. Aw- Happy Birthday to Kyra. You two are a fabulous pair that I am lucky to have stumbled across in the blog-0-sphere. Enjoy your holiday Clare!!

    1. Thanks Jay! I'm lucky to have found you too. <3


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