Video Games Interactive

I just want to give a shout-out to Hubby's website, Video Games Interactive, a video games sites that offers news, reviews and editorial content.

I think it offers a refreshing, humourous, honest and innovative alternative to mainstream video games sites like IGN etc.

Hubby is currently hosting a giveaway, where you can win a £129.99  Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, which includes features such as:

• Capture your greatest console gaming footage in HD (up to 1080 30p/1080 60i),
with HDMI or Component input and output. No interruption to your gameplay
• Stream your gameplay and commentary live--directly to TwitchTV
• Edit your H.264-encoded game videos and add transitions, picture-in-picture,
soundtracks, special effects, text and voice-overs that match your gameplay
• Share videos with gamers and friends with one click to YouTube or Facebook
• Easy set-up between your console, TV and PC. Includes hardware, software
and a USB cable. No power adapter required.
• Plus! Take screen captures, and view helpful tutorials online

Hope on over to Video Games Interactive, enter the giveaway, and check out what my Hubby does over on his site!


  1. Very cool! I'll go check it out right now as I am a certified gaming geek.

  2. Definitely taking a look. I love the gaming and sharing video aspects.

  3. Erm, Clare, please don't hate me, but I am not a gamer! At all. I have a full on panic attack when I'm supposed to be killing stuff and instead, I always die. The girls tease me, but I'm a total spaz and can not get into playing those kind of games.

    I'm so sorry- I would love to be able to go on your hubby's site but I don't even know what half of that stuff means he is giving away.

    One thing I can and will do, however, is pass his info on to the people I know that DO like to game! And wish him nothing but the very best of luck.

    1. Jay, I love you, you're so adorable.

      That's totally cool that you're not a gamer, and don't get those sorts of games. Honestly, some make me freak out too! I know video games aren't for everyone.

      I love that even though it's not your thing, you still took the time to comment on my entry, wish Hubby the best of luck, and say you'll pass the info onto people you know who do like games.

      You're awesome, and both Hubbby and I appreciate the support and encouragement. <3


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