Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 17

Day: Seventeen

Where I should be: 28, 322

Where I actually am:
40, 458 (less than 10k to go!)

Word count for today:

Favourite line from today's writing:
You have to always keep in mind how fragile mortals are. It's like enjoying a lovely bunch of roses. They're beautiful while they last, but inevitably they wilt.

Experiences of the Day: Word wars with Kyra Lennon today, and they always produce amazing results. It interesting how focused you can be when 'battling' against someone else. Had another day of scenes not going where I expected, and characters revealing backstory to me. It's exciting to discover these things about them that I never knew. Took this evening off from writing, and make some online dolls, because you know, visual interpretations are very important! :D

Here's my MC Callie and her BFF Rathi in the style of Disney Princesses, made using the Azaleas Dolls Heroine Fan-Art Creator

(L - R: Callie and Rathi)


  1. Ahh dollmakers rock!

    Yay, you're so close to the end now!!

    1. I love them ... maybe a little too much!

      I know!! Still a long way to go with the story though. O think the pacing is off. :S

  2. Oh, I love your dolls. Congrats on 40k+! You're doing great!

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Wow. A competition for word count would never work for me. It comes when it comes -- and that usually means late at night.

    But I SO UNDERSTAND characters revealing backstory to you in the middle of a first draft. That happens to me all the time! I stare at them incredulously, saying, "I didn't know that about you." And they glare back, "Duh. Why do you think I am the way I am?"

    Love it, love it.

    1. Thanks for dropping by.

      Word wars work for some, but I can see how you've just got to let the words come when they come too. :)

      Yes, that's exactly how it was. And I love it, it's so exciting and interesting. :)

  4. Well done on your progress so far, you're doing an excellent job! Those little dolls are gorgeous :)


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