Promotion: Video Games Interactive

All writers know how hard it is making it in the industry, and know the importance of helping out other up-and-comers. If any of us want to get anywhere with our writing, promotion and getting more followers is part of the process.

That's what I'm here to do today.

My husband runs his own website reporting video games news, reviewing video games and writing editorials about the gaming industry. He's done everything off his own back, and has gotten contacts with some big name video game publishers, as well as advertisers.

However, the site and community still needs to grow. He needs more traffic so that he can get bigger advertising revenues, so that we can pay the bills! LOL

All I ask is that you check out the site. I understand life is busy, and you've probably got enough sites to follow etc. But my hope is if enough people check out VGI then someone will find something they like on there, and it will become a site they follow regularly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for checking out Video Games Interactive.


  1. I'll check it out. You bet. We all have to stick together!

    Unfortunately, I haven't played a video game in over ten years...but I'm still interested in seeing what's there!

  2. Thank you Kelley! Bless your heart. Hopefully you'll find something you like on there. :D

  3. You know I am already a follower, and big fan of the Wes Copeland empire! :D

  4. *hehe* The Wes Copeland empire, I shall tell him that!

  5. "The Wes Copeland Empire!"

    Freekin' love it! <3<3<3<3



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