Thirty-thousand Words Baby!!

So, I reached my goal for today writing 4324 words, and bringing my over-all total to a whopping 30,112!! That's sixty percent complete, people!! And in just ten days!!

My aim is to maintain this pace and have 90k by October 30th. Wish me luck!!

To celebrate, I have a meme/ survey of sorts.

Most of these questions have already been answered elsewhere in the blog but it was fun non the less!

Enjoy and thanks for reading. Please keep checking back for updates.

A title? Sibylline Nights
A plot (however vague)? Oh yes. All planned out. Though not in intricate detail.
And/or a tag-line/synopsis? In a world where magic is common-place, can triplets who have been separated for almost twenty years, and have recently reunite, band together to defeat a great evil? See this post for the full summary.
Major Character?
Esmee, Maggie and Nola Reid.

Minor characters? Betty Reid, Sebastian, Quinn, Willma and Naima.
An emotional relationship/connection with your characters? Yes, they're my creations, my digital children and I love them very much.
A beginning? Yes, just coming up to finishing the beginning actually.
A middle? I have vague ideas for what I want to happen/ what needs to happen for the story to progress. But as always with me nothing too detailed.
An end? I have some end points I'm just ironing out the kinks of.
A setting/settings? Its meant to be set in Birmingham, UK, but its never really mentioned.
The climax? Yup, got something in mind.
The resolution? Yup.
A dictionary and/or thesaurus stationed nearby? Online.
A bottomless coffee mug for inducing insomnia? Coca-Cola and Tea for me, though I don't write past ten-thirty really. What? I have two kids to look after.
A notebook for when you can’t access your computer? Yup. Always carry one in my handbag.
A word count goal higher than 50K? Officially no, but I want to beat my wordcount of last year, which was 52k by the end of NaNo and just under 70k when I ended draft one. My unofficial aim is 90k. I'm currently 1000 words off being a third of the way there!
Pliers with which to cut your Internet connection to prevent distraction?
NO! Actually when I put my mind to it I can be pretty good.
Muses to keep your imagination sparked?
If I start flagging I'll reminisce about my favourite fantasy books and TV shows.
An inner pep talker?
Yup. I can give myself a good kick up the arse when I need to.
An outer support system / someone to nag you?
Yeah, hubby and close friends.
A writing buddy (official or unofficial)?
Not this year due to doing it in October.
A cage to lock your inner editor in (only for a month)?
Kinda. Its more of a struggle this year.
A pause button for your social life (if you had one to begin with)?
Actually no. I have my Dad's wedding from 18th to the 20th. November would have been worse though.
A reward if you reach your goal?
The satisfaction of doing it? Oh, and SKYRIM!!
A consolation prize if you don’t?
Consolation prizes are for losers! :P
Thinking about eventually getting it published.
Negative emotions (stress, panic, fear, etc.)?
Funnily no. I'm in a good place writing wise.
Positive emotions (what are those again?)?
Excitement and inspiration.
Plenty of it.
Surprisingly still in tact!


  1. Well done, getting to 30,112 words! That's really impressive 11 days in. On 1st November, when you're all finished and giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, I'll be embarking on my 1st nano and FREAKING out! I shall look to your journey for inspiration :)

  2. Thank you, Catherine.

    I can hardly believe I've gotten this far myself.

    Good luck on your own NaNo journey, I'll be keeping an eye out to see how you get one, and hope you reach 50k.


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